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Sunset over Mg

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1. Lightning over house at night. Dramatic lightning strike over house at night, Toamasina, Madagascar.

2. Seascape. Dramatic, cloudy seascape.

3. Skyscape Silhouette. Dramatic, colourful skyscape and silhouette at sunset.

4. Burnished Golden Skyscape. Burnished Golden coloured cloudscape at sunset.

5. Surreal twilight skyscape, Madagascar. Dramatic, colourful purple skyscape at sunset, with full moon rising. Near Berenty, Madagascar

6. Golden-Pink Skyscape. Dramatic, colorful golden-pink skyscape at sunset.

7. Sunset over Mg. Dramatic red orange and yellow clouds at sunset over silhouette of trees.

8. Reflections on a cloudy sky. The sun slips behind the clouds on a late afternoon over the inland waters at Yamba, NSW, Australia.

9. Maroantsetra sunrise, Madagascar . Golden sunrise over the distant mountain peaks near Maroantsetra, on Madagascar's east coast

10. Clouds in paradise. Aerial polarized photo of clouds over ocean at 35000 feet

11. Ozzie Bush Sunset _ Vertical. Australia's unique trees provide the basis for many unique sunset silhouettes around the country.

12. Ozzie Bush Sunset. Australia's unique trees provide the basis for many unique sunset silhouettes around the country.

13. Picture-perfect beach paradise on Fraser Island, Australia. Idyllic, perfect, carefree beach weather on beautiful Fraser Island.

14. Golden Sunrise, Lake McKenzie. Golden relections over beautiful Lake McKenzie, Fraser Island, QLD, Australia

15. Perfect Lake McKenzie reflections after dawn. Serene sunrise over beautiful Lake McKenzie on Fraser Island, QLD, Australia

16. Mirror-perfect lake reflections. Dawn over lake McKenzie, Fraser Is, QLD, Australia

17. Golden Lake McKenzie sunrise. Lake McKenzie, Fraser Island,QLD, Australia

18. Evening cloudscape. Afterglow of a sunset provides deep, rich, mood and colors.