Multicultural People Photography

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Our world is becoming a multicultural melting-pot of people from all different races, ethnic groups and cultural backgrounds. Young or old, black or white, educated or not - each has a unique story to tell of their life and culture.

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First Published: 3/9/2016

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Caption List:

1. Angelo, a young Malagasy boy . The innocence of childhood is reflected in this portrait of Angelo, a bright young Malagasy boy.

2. Cambodian Schoolgirl. While sweeping the temple floors, this young Khmer schoolgirl looked up at me just as a shaft of sunlight caught her face

3. Smiling Malagasy mother and child. A Malagasy mother sitting against a red door, with her happy and relaxed young toddler son sitting on her lap.

4. Girl playing with orphaned Hapalemur. This young orphaned Gray Bamboo Lemur (Hapalemur griseus griseus) loved having one-on-one interaction with Alena, its adoptive mother during the time it was handfed.

5. Kangaroo and child, Australia. Australian children growing up on the farm get close-up encounters with wildlife, like this young boy interacting with their pet kangaroo.

6. Multicultural cartwheel of kids. Kids from around the world are rubbing shoulders as part of our multicultural society of today.

7. Alena smiling with Bamboo Lemur on neck. Young Gray Bamboo lemur (Hapalemur grisesus griseus) resting on the neck of Alena, her caretaker friend

8. Orangutan joins the family photo. A female organutan joins a family photo session at the Singapore zoo.

9. Lunchtime street entertainment, The Rocks area, Sydney, Australia. Sydney's Rocks area is a famous hotspot for visitors over the years, an experience made memorable by the many buskers providing music in the area.

10. Father and son silhouette double. Silhouette sandwiched images of a father and toddler son playing "catch me" at sunset.

11. Smiling Malawian woman. A happy, smiling young Malawian woman.

12. Businesswoman on cellphone outside. Australian businesswoman professional using mobile phone outside during lunch break.

13. Visiting Maori Cultural Exchange, Darling Harbour, Sydney. New Zealand Maoris providing entertainment for shoppers and tourists at Sydney's Darling Harbor, Australia

14. Mango sellers in Malawi . Happy Malawian roadside venders sell ripe mangoes by the bucketful in hope of earning money for their families.

15. Man with boxing Kangaroo. Young male kangaroos love to spar with their siblings, leaning back on their tail to kick with their back feet

16. Breaking free from sin with the cross of Christ. Silhouette of man looking at a wooden cross he is holding, with broken cords of bondage around his wrist. Conceptual image of sinners finding freedom and liberty in Christ's death on the cross.

17. Rock Fisheman on Fraser Island, Australia. Rock fishing and beach fishing are both popular on beautiful sunny Fraser Island, QLD, Australia

18. Wildlife/Nature Photographer with 500mm Nikon lens. Anthony Radford, an avid nature photographer will carry heavy equipment and long lenses to the ends of the earth!

19. Everyone wants to touch a cute baby. Alena and her friends, Kathrina and Pamela, say their goodbyes to "Maditra" an orphaned Gray Bamboo Lemur (Hapalemur griseus griseus) before leaving her at the Ivoloina Zoological Park on Madagascar's east coast.

20. Young girl grins in sheer delight at swimming in the ocean on Ea . A young Malagasy girl beams with sheer joy and delight at swimming in the waves on the Easter Monday picnic day, at Toamasina on Madagascar's east coast. Traditionally, the whole city empties out as families all head to the beach on this celebra

21. Young Malagasy women with corn row braids. Young Malagasy woman with corn-row braids and wearing a pink shirt.