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The vast, unique continent of Australia contains an incredible diversity of natural beauty, whether visiting the pristine wilderness areas, untouched beaches, or the modern cities of international repute. Australia hosts some magnificent wilderness areas recognized for the their beauty and importance by inclusion as World Heritage sites.

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1. Picture-perfect beach paradise on Fraser Island, Australia. Idyllic, perfect, carefree beach weather on beautiful Fraser Island.

2. Piccabeen palm rainforest.. Beautiful lush green interior of the Piccabeen palm rainforest, Eungella NP, Mackay, QLD.

3. Lake McKenzie (Vertical). This crystal clear freshwater lake is a visual delight, and is home to a number of turtles.

4. North Sydney CBD at dusk. North Sydney CBD at dusk. Many of Australia's premier financial and business offices are located in North Sydney.

5. Sydney city CBD panorama at dusk. Sydney city CBD panorama at dusk. Located on the harbour, Sydney city provides an attractive and impressive view across the waters at dusk.

6. Sydney city CBD in red at dusk. Sydney city CBD bathed in red light at dusk.