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Trevor Lundstrom

  Work Description

I am based in Perth Western Australia and have travelled widely throughout the state. I am particularly interested in the wide open spaces of our country, the landscape, the creatures and people that live out there. Day, night, wide angle to macro, I love seeing and sharing my experiences via the photographic medium.

  Experience & Qualifications

Photography has been part of my life for the past 35 years. I have exhibited and been awarded in national and international exhibitions with my nature photography. In recent years I have worked in graphic design and digital printing including wide and grand format. These roles have provided me with great insight into what images need, to be successful visual communicators.

  Other Interests

I am 'out-there' with a camera because my main interests are natural history and the human race. Pretty broad I know, but that’s it. I am passionate about discovering and take every opportunity to learn new stuff and try everything. To be "the best" in any field of endeavor is nearly impossible, however being amongst the best is only a matter of attitude and hard work. I strive to be "amongst the best" in everything I do every day.


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